Anti-Elemental (Photographic)

This project is part of the 'Anti-Elemental' body of work. These images are a marriage of photographic and digital graphic components that coordinate their visual outcome. The incorporation of these methods is common in this artwork. The fascination however, lies within our attitude towards the natural world. 'Natural' by definition is something that derives from nature, that is not created by man. This reinforces the belief that we are not a product of it. That we are alien to it. That in order to survive we must interfere with nature by dominating it.

'With the advance of technology we compete with nature on a universal scale and as this happens there is a slow division in styles between ourselves and the natural, even though we are ourselves part of it. As a species we mostly live and think in boxes. We calculate, quantify and objectify the world around us. However the way of nature is completely erratic and has no regard for this kind of thinking. In this series, we are shown landscapes understood through the computer and a technological process. In more digestible terms, it regards the form of nature as too complex for our full understanding of it. From our uncertainty, technology is born of our attempt to conquer and control ever-changing nature.'   

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