Rupert Phillips was born in Cheltenham 1993 where he grew up and attended school in Leckhampton and Chalton Kings. Realising he wanted to pursue a creative path, in 2009 he begun a BTEC art and design at Cirencester college. In 2012 he developed and specialised in photography at Stroud College and left Gloucestershire in 2014 to do a BA Honours degree in Fine Art Photography at Falmouth university, Cornwall.

Rupert's projects encompass a range of different artistic fields that have given his practice a strong sense of diversity. The conventions explored in his work are mainly graphic and photographic and are executed digitally. The more tangible areas of his artistic development are concerned in using collage, photomontage and analogue photography. Rupert finds working with multi-faceted methods always cultivates a pleasantly unpredictable and ever-changing experience.

He is now looking for an opening in a career where he can exercise his talents and use them creatively for commercial use.

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