Rupert Phillips was born in Cheltenham in 1993.

He studied photography at both Stroud and Cirencester College. Rupert went on to gain his BA Honours in Fine Art Photography at Falmouth University.

Rupert's projects encompass a range of different artistic fields that have brought his work a strong sense of diversity. The conventions explored in his practice are primarily graphic based and are executed digitally - although Rupert also produces art in physical mediums such as collage, photomontage. He also maintains a strong passion for capturing and developing analogue photographs.

For Rupert, creation must be a pleasantly unpredictable and ever-changing experience.

Rupert is now exploring avenues in which can translate his unique sense of style and methods for commercial use. His work has been used to promote events, bands and magazines.  

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Twofold Road Theatre Company

Tomer Krail

Felix Slander & the Moral Majority


SOBER. Magazine

Portsmouth University

Twofold Road Theatre Company

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